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Now our files are secure and backed up, we have plenty of space in the new office and don’t need to worry about accessing or storing old archive boxes ever again. Our future plans are to have each year’s archives collected by SSA and have them scan them for us Continue Reading

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most common questions. If you still have any questions please do contact us

Q How secure will our documents be once they have left our office?

A We personally collect your documents, no couriers are used and your paperwork comes directly to our scanning premises and is stored securely while scanned.

Q I have only got a small amount of paperwork to scan, approximately half a filing cabinet?

A We can scan any amount of paperwork from from one storage box of paper to 100 plus storage boxes, any size of paper up to and including A3.

Q We will continually want boxes of documents scanned on a regular basis?

A Our Scanning Bureau offers an ongoing collection and scanning service throughout the year. Just let us know how often you require the service and we will accommodate you.

Q How are the documents prepared?

A We have to prepare the documents carefully so we can scan perfectly. We remove all the staples, paperclips, sticky notes, labels and binding. This is all part of the Bureau Service.

Q What format are the files scanned in?

A Depending on your requirements we can scan to the popular format of PDF or if you require we can scan to TIFF/G4 TIFF/J-PEG. For our Document Management Solutions Clients we can scan directly into Scanfile or File Director software.

Q Will I need training to access my scanned files?

A  No additional IT training is required, however our friendly staff are always willing to help and assist with any queries that may arise.

Q What happens to the paperwork once scanned?

A Once your scanned paperwork has been checked and agreed to by yourself, we can offer two services. Firstly we can deliver your scanned paperwork back to you or secondly we can get your paperwork security shredded by a reputable Perth Security Shredding Company. Just let us know your preference.

Q What happens if I require a document while you are scanning my paperwork?

A If you call or email us with the details of the document you require, we will retrieve the document and email it to you the same day.